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Series 855 OEM Pressure Transducer from 0.25"

Series 855 OEM Pressure Transducer from 0.25

Series 855 OEM Pressure Transducer from 0.25"

Model Number: 855D

  • Low cost OEM transmitter

  • Excellent long-term stability

  • Fully compensated and signal conditioned

  • Several wiring and terminal options available (consult factory for options)

  • When you don't need the housing, terminals or higher voltage outputs, this is your solution

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  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Low cost OEM transmitter
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Fully compensated and signal conditioned
  • Optional cable available for low- cost stand-alone applications (consult factory for options)
  • Great for applications such as fume hoods, clean rooms, VAV, duct static and medical
  • Virtually no position sensitivity
  • Pressure range calibrated to customer’s specific requirement
  • Custom voltage outputs available
  • Direct to board solder connection available for easy integration into OEM products


Accuracy*: <+/-1.0% FSO
Stability: +/0.5% FSO/yr
Thermal Effects: +/-0.075% FSO/°C
Overpressure: 1-10”WC = 100”WC
11-20”WC = 10x rated pressure
21-30”WC = 5x rated pressure
Over 30”WC = 45 PSI
FSO Pressure Range: 0/0.25”WC up to 0/15PSI
(bi-directional ranges available)
Compensated Range: 10° to 50°C
Adjustments: Offset, 60% of FSO minimum
Media: Non-corrosive, non-ionic gases
Operating Humidity: 90% RH non-condensing
Operating Temp: -25° to 70°C
Input Supply: 12-24 VDC
Supply Current: <10mA
Load Resistance: 2KΩ minimum
Output Signal: 1-5VDC, 1-6VDC, 1-10VDC**
(call for custom outputs)
Electrical Connections: 0.025” square pins on 0.1” centers (5) – Board-Mountable***
Pressure Connections: Barbed fitting for 1/8” ID tubing
Dimensions: Approx. 1.50” x 1.35” x 0.9” (3.81cm x 3.43cm x 2.29cm)

* Includes non-linearity hysteresis and non-repeatability at a fixed temperature
** 18-24VDC input required for 1-10VDC output
*** Direct-to-board solder connection and optional cable available upon request

Package Drawing

Model Number Description

A typical order number consists of the model number, pressure range, pressure unit, output and mounting connection.

Model Type Output Signal FSO Pressure Range Calibration Pressure
855 D = Differential or Gage* 0…..1 to 5 volts 0…..0.25”WC to 5”WC Customer designated exact FSO
1…..1 to 6 volts 1…..>5”WC to 13” WC
2…..1 to 10 volts** 2…..>0.5PSI to 1PSI
5…..Custom Output 3…..>1PSI to 5PSI
4…..>5PSI to 15PSI

Example: 855D 5” 12D 0 (Model number 855, differential or gage type unit, pressure range of 0-5” WC, output signal of 1-5 VDC)

* With a gage application, one of the two ports is vented to atmosphere
** Requires 18-24 VDC input

Note: This unit is not designed to support any capacitive load on the output. Please contact Controller Sensors LLC for additional installation guidance